Kastus Ceramics is a spray coating designed to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. The light-activated solution carries a range of additional benefits to ceramic surfaces, including scratch and stain resistance, and chemical resistance. Kastus Ceramics is an eco-friendly coating that ensures no visible changes to the surface and it provides permanent surface protection for a more durable ceramic product.

Kastus Ceramics is effective in indoor or outdoor lighting conditions. To unlock the benefits of Kastus Ceramics, the coating is applied to the ceramic surface during the manufacturing process, prior to firing. With an ability to endure exceptionally high temperatures, a chemical reaction is triggered during the firing process.

This value-adding technology can be applied to any ceramic surface and will transfer all the benefits of Kastus Ceramics to the finished product. This is done without impacting the appearance and texture of the surface, is environmentally-friendly and economically viable.

Common Uses:

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Using Kastus Ceramics:

  • Kastus Ceramics is supplied in a liquid form with no toxic additives or harmful by-products

  • Spray onto a ceramic surface prior to the firing process with no additional production steps required

  • The solution can be tailored for alternative applications, depending on customer requirements

  • Provides unique selling points with revenue generating potential

  • Does not negatively affect the appearance or functionality of ceramic products

  • Reduces cleaning requirements and on-going maintenance of ceramic products


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Technical Certifications:

  • ISO 27447:2009 Antibacterial: on an 8nm white ceramic floor tile, returned a removal rate under the light of 99.99%.

  • BS 6431-13:1986 and EN101:1991 Mohs' Scratch Hardness: returned a rating of 6

  • BSENISO 10545-14:2015 Resistance to Stains: the minimum requirement is a classification of 3, Kastus Ceramics scored 5

  • BSENISO 10545-7:1999 Resistance to Surface Abrasion: returned a value of 4 after 6,000 revolutions. See our technical document for more information on PEI ratings with Kastus Ceramics

  • ISO 10545 -13:2016 Resistance to Chemicals

  • ISO 10993 No leaching substances, non-toxic

  • ASTM D2247 Resistance to Humidity