Kastus® Glass technology can be applied to any glass surface and will transfer all the benefits of Kastus® Glass to the finished product. This is done without impacting the appearance and texture of the surface, is environmentally-friendly and economically viable. The applications are endless, from retail touchscreens to domestic appliances.

Kastus® Glass is a spray designed to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and germs. The light-activated solution carries a range of additional benefits to glass surfaces, including scratch and stain resistance, non-toxic, no visible changes to the surface and it provides permanent “always on” surface protection.

Kastus® Glass is effective in indoor or outdoor lighting conditions. To unlock the benefits of Kastus® Glass, the spray is applied to the glass surface during the manufacturing process. With an ability to endure exceptionally high temperatures, a chemical reaction is triggered sintering Kastus into the glass surface.

Common Uses:

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Using Kastus Glass

  • Kastus® Glass is supplied in a liquid form with no toxic additives or harmful by-products

  • Sprayed onto a molten or hot glass surface with no additional steps required

  • The solution can be tailored for different applications, depending on customer requirements (i.e. curing and application processes)

  • Provides unique selling points with revenue generation potential

  • Does not negatively affect the appearance or functionality of the glass products

  • Reduces cleaning requirements and on-going maintenance of glass products

How it works:


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