Kastus Glass Coating is a novel, patented, visible light activated (VLA) photocatalytic antimicrobial coating for Glass.

Visible light and oxygen in contact with Kastus Coating triggers a chemical reaction resulting in the decomposition of organic and inorganic substances offering bacteria kill rates up to 99.97%. Kastus Coating is effective in indoor lighting conditions; not requiring UV. As Kastus Coating is sintered into the glass surface at high temperature, it is permanent, long-lasting, scratch resistant and invisible.

Uses Include:


Kastus Glass Coating

  • Is applied to glass using spray and curing processes which are typically used in glass manufacture
  • Cost effective and commercially viable
  • Is effective against gram positive and negative bacteria, fungi and mould creating enhanced product benefits for commercial partners and end users
  • Is supplied in a liquid form with no toxic additives, VOC or harmful bi-products
  • Can be tailored for different applications depending on customer requirements
  • Offers unique selling points giving the customer revenue generation potential
  • Anti-odour and air cleaning properties
  • Will not adversely affect the functionality of the core glass product
  • Reduce cleaning requirements in production cleanrooms, public buildings, high touchsurfaces, ATMs and airports

How it works:

Technical advantages:

  • Antimicrobial test ISO 27447:2009 (4mm thick low iron float glass) returned a kill rate under the light of 99.97% and 99% in darkness against Staphylococcus Aureus
  • Scrub-rig testing ISO 11998:1998 indicates excellent durability of coatings, no samples showed scratches after 500 cycles
  • Coating thickness 30 - 40 nm
  • Glass samples showed haze values between 0.36 - 0.63 %
  • High Transmission (>91%)
  • Humidity test ASTM D2247 passed effective
  • Determination of resistance chemicals ISO 10545 -13:1997
  • Determination of resistance to stains ISO 10545 -14:1997
  • Tests for in vitro cytotoxicity showed no relevant cytotoxic effect when tested to standard ISO 10993

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