Kastus Metal is a novel anti-corrosion and adhesion-promoting coating for metal surfaces including steel and aluminium. Kastus Metal has been developed from a platform technology designed and validated for the aerospace, automotive and additive manufacturing industries, among others.

Kastus Metal has been designed to adhere to all metal surfaces with thicknesses ranging from 0.5 to 10 microns. Combining smart functionalities has enabled this coating to be chemically resistant to strong acids/bases, detergents and cleaning agents.

Commercial Benefits:

  • Enhanced product performance
  • Reduces number of steps in the coating process
  • Credible and proven solution tested to aviation and automotive standards
  • Environmentally friendly solution for global markets, where Chromate products are being banned by regulators
  • Cost-effective solution with flexible supply terms

Multi-purpose Technology: 

Technical advantages:

  • Adhesion promoter for organic paints and primers
  • Market-leading corrosion resistance
  • Water-repellent
  • Chrome-free REACH compliant (HexCr elimination)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compatible with all aluminum, alloy and anodizing processes

Production & Application:

  • Application by dip, spray & spin
  • Stabilization by thermal or UV curing
  • Applicable to exterior and interior parts
  • Preparation at ambient atmosphere & temperature

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  • Salt Spray: >1500 hours (ISO 9227)
  • Acid / base resistant (ISO 9227)
  • Hydraulic fluid resistant (NF EN ISO 2812-1)
  • UK and Humidity resistant (NF L 16-106, PV 3930, PV 3929)
  • Adhesion to epoxy and amino based primers and paints (ISO 2409)
  • Temperature stable from -70° to +200°c
  • Super Hydrophobic, contact angle >80°c

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