Irish company signs major deal to make superbug-free products a reality

• Deal done with UK’s largest ceramic tile maker
• World’s first truly superbug-resistant ceramic products in stores in early 2018

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Irish technology company Kastus has signed a deal which will see the world’s first ever truly superbug-resistant ceramicproducts come to market in the New Year.

Kastus, the antimicrobial experts, launched its revolutionary life-saving solution Log4+®, in January at Arab Health, in Dubai, the largest healthcare event in the MENA region.

Log4+® kills 99.9 per cent of harmful antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA and E. Coli and fungus such as athlete’s foot.

This week, a deal has been done with British Ceramic Tile (BCT), the largest manufacturer of ceramic and glass tiles in the UK, which will see superbug-resistant floor and wall tiles on the market in early 2018.

BCT, which has the capacity of producing 30,000 sq. m of tiles per day, will have the exclusive rights in the UK to use the Kastus Log4+® antimicrobial coating in its ceramic tiles.

Log4+® is a unique, permanent and patented indoor light-activated coating solution that is factory applied to ceramic or glass and effectively kills superbugs or inhibits their growth, using no toxic additives or bi-products. Additional benefits include super scratch resistance, hydrophobic easy clean functionality and brighter finishes.

Uses for BCT ceramic tiles manufactured with Kastus Log4+® are vast and will help to make homes, healthcare facilities, public buildings, work places, swimming pools, hotels, factories and cleanrooms safer places.

The UK Government estimates that by 2050, drug resistant infections will kill more than 10 million people a year worldwide and be a bigger killer than cancer. It will also cost more than 3 per cent of Global GDP. Using complex nanotechnology, the effective and unique chemical solution was developed by scientists over a decade.

It is the first that can be practically factory applied on everyday hard surfaces such as ceramic wall and floor tiles using no toxic bi-products. Previous antimicrobial solutions needed UV light or biocide chemical leaching to be
activated but Kastus’ products are activated by indoor light and environmental moisture.

Last month, at Enterprise Ireland’s event ‘Med in Ireland’, the company launched Kastus Metal, which can be used on a range of everyday, high-touch surfaces including medical devices, mobile phones, consumer electronics, cleanroom surfaces, ATMs, handrails, taps and showers.

John Browne, Kastus CEO and founder, says:

“This is a significant commercial partnership following a detailed collaborative process with British Ceramic Tile and will see the first ceramic tile products to use our Log4+® coating come to the UK market in early 2018. It has been a pleasure to work with Tony (Taylor) and his team as they clearly understood the commercial opportunity that Kastus Log4+® provides and were willing to invest in the trialing and scaling process. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with BCT and I would like to thank Tony for his continued support.”

Tony Taylor, British Ceramic Tile CEO, says:
“British Ceramic Tile is the UK’s largest manufacturer of ceramic tiles, supplying all sectors of the UK industry, with around 10 per cent of output going to overseas markets. We are delighted to be working with John and his team at Kastus on this innovative technology for our sector and we look forward to launching this new initiative during the early part of the New Year.”

Kastus is in collaborative trials with a number of global companies in the ceramics, glass, medical devices, consumer electronics and architectural hardware sectors and is in talks with some of the world’s largest phone makers in Silicon Valley. The company has already been granted US & UK patents with global patents pending.

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