Imagine a World Free from Bacteria

Superbugs, also known as drug-resistant bacteria, are one of the biggest threats facing humanity today. For almost a century, we have used antibiotics to fight off disease, but these antibiotics are starting to lose their punch as Superbugs learn how to beat them.

KASTUS® is an Irish company that has developed a pioneering technology in the fight against superbugs. These are water-based solutions which, when applied to any surface material, use natural light to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria on that surface. Alternative antimicrobial solutions require UV light and leach harmful chemicals into the environment to be effective. However, KASTUS® solutions are always active in the presence of natural light and are environmentally friendly.

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John Browne, KASTUS® Founder says: “Every time you open a door, answer a phone, touch a wall, sit on a toilet, wash your hands, walk barefoot on a tiled floor, brush against a ceramic or glass surface, you are in danger of spreading or picking up bugs and germs with the potential to make you sick – or worse.”

It is estimated that by 2050 antibiotic resistance will kill more than 10 million people a year, making it a bigger killer than cancer. The rise of superbugs and the fall in the effectiveness of antibiotics has become a global issue at the highest levels.

KASTUS®’ technology is a significant breakthrough in the battle against superbugs and the real-world demand and applications for its solutions are vast.