KASTUS®, the antimicrobial that’s always active.

In a world that is ‘always active’, we understand that an antibacterial coating which only works some of the time is of no use to our clients. That is why all our antimicrobial coatings are ‘always active’.

By ‘always active’ we mean that our coatings are the only ones on the market that are permanent and do not need UV light to be activated. With these breakthrough coatings, KASTUS® is bringing an entirely new scale of expertise to the antibacterial landscape.

Prevents Superbugs

It goes without saying that our precision technology is proven to dramatically reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and fungi - with no toxic additives or side effects. However, it is our guarantee that our coatings are always working to eradicate these antibiotic-resistant superbugs that gives our partners the competitive market edge.

Our solution has many great positives. It makes products —  such as ceramics — scratch-resistant, more durable, aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-clean and leaves a clear, invisible finish.

It is cost-effective, provides the highest protection available against superbugs, is environmentally friendly and uses no harmful chemicals. The solution is easily applied during the manufacturing process, before firing, with no additional production steps required.

Permanent Surface Protection through Light

But in terms of being ‘always active’, here are just two great unique selling points you can pass onto your customers when you use KASTUS® technologies:

1.      Permanent surface protection

Our antimicrobial solution provides permanent surface protection. The solution does not fade over time. Ceramic surfaces made with KASTUS® technology provide permanent antimicrobial protection. They are scratch and stain-resistant and corrosion-proof, providing a product that lasts longer.

2.      No need for UV

When applied to any surface, our water-based solution uses natural light to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. It is effective in indoor or outdoor lighting conditions. Alternative antimicrobial solutions require UV light but our solution is always active. When tested for ISO certification, Kastus Ceramics returned a bacteria removal rate of 99.97% in light — and 99% in darkness.

If you want to learn more about KASTUS®’ innovative technologies and how we can help you get the competitive edge on the market place, get in touch so we can start a conversation.