Kastion antibacterial additive launch

We at Kastus® Technologies are delighted to announce the launch of our new antibacterial additive for use in paint and plastic; Kastion™.

Kastion™ has been developed as an antibacterial powder additive for easy use in paint and plastic and uses novel zeolites to ensure that the active ingredients appear at the surface of treated substrates optimising bacteria killing efficiency and longevity.

Kastion™ can be simply mixed and contains no silver; no volatile compounds and offers superior bacteria Log kill rates of up to 99.99% when tested against E. coli.

Kastus® has developed various patented antimicrobial technologies for key clients and is actively seeking collaboration to develop new and innovative products offering partners the ability to create new products and to generate increased turnover.

Markets for Kastion™ include surfaces in public buildings, hospitals and cleanrooms.  Products treated with Kastion™ can include work surfaces, packaging, doors, baths and shower trays