Kastus® Leadership Team Presents at Irish IP Event

 Intellectual Product and Knowledge share are key areas of importance for us all here at Kastus® for numerous reasons – we actively collaborate with over 70 companies globally and our Research and Innovation is paramount for commercial success. As a result, IP protection is something the leadership team are very well-versed in. When Knowledge Transfer Ireland asked some of our leadership team to appear as keynote speakers to be part of the panel to launch the new National IP Protocol, it was easy to say yes.


Kastus® CEO John Browne and CTO James Kennedy PhD talked about the start-up journey from inception to our current status, Intellectual Product protection and the supports from our various supports such as TU Dublin.


Backed by the Department of Business Enterprise and Innovation, Knowledge Transfer Ireland is launching the new IP Protocol for Ireland 2019. Read more here to find out about IP Protocol, Ireland.