Touchscreen Hygiene & Consumer Protection

The Industry

“Consumers are continuing to embrace self-service technology and businesses rush to reap the benefits of improved customer engagement”

The growth of Kiosks in public has increased rapidly, with the 2019 Kiosk Marketplace Census Report confirming that the industry has achieved record growth to 17.6% in a single year gain during 2018 (jumping to a whopping $9.22 billion). Along with this growth, there has also been a significant increase in negative PR surrounding touchscreen hygiene.  

The Problem

In late 2018, Household brand names in the retailer and fast-food industries were subjected to heavy criticism and poor PR stories. As a result, their hard-won customers are beginning to worry that the touchscreens were smeared with dirt and harmful bacteria. Many concerned that ordering or interaction with the in-store screen could make them sick.

In real terms for businesses, this is a heavy hitter for their bottom line. Decreased sales, reduced productivity and increased headcounts in order to both clean the screens as well as cater to checkout areas as customers can cause havoc for profitability, efficiency and in-store footfall.

The Answer

Current market solutions include microfiber cloths and disinfectant, some would only include warm soapy water. This can serve not only to fail at removing bacteria but can be attributed to the spread of harmful germs from kiosk to kiosk. Alternative harsh chemicals are environmentally harmful and can also fail to remove more resistant bacteria and bugs.

Kastus has the solution, offering a unique solution which can bring your product to the next generation. On average, our product does not interact or adversely affect oleophobic, anti-reflective or anti-graffiti coatings which are already in place.
No other antimicrobial coating range combines so many powerful benefits in one technology.

Here at Kastus® we are surface innovators with years of R&D invested in surface coatings. Kastus® Glass Is coated onto your touchscreen product during the manufacturing process.

Get in contact today to find out how Kastus® Glass can enhance your touchscreen products.