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Less soiling.
More efficiency.

Permanent anti-soiling surface solution for solar panels.


Soiling is a multibillion dollar problem.

A report by the International Energy Agency estimates efficiency losses of $3.2 billion in 2023 due to soiling.​

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A lifetime of efficiency gains.

Kastus is embedded into the glass surface during manufacturing. It's permanent, durable and will outlast the solar panel it is applied to.


How does our technology work?

The Kastus solution employs advanced nanotechnology to create a hydrophilic and photocatalytic surface, attracting water to prevent beading and repelling dust accumulation. This ensures optimal light absorption and energy generation. This treated surface also leads to higher rebound rates than bare glass.

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We've been developing Clean Glass Technologies since 2014.

For the last decade we've been passionate about creating a better world through our Clean Glass Technologies. We believe the benefits to society and the environment are endless. Our technologies lead to a safer world by eliminating bacteria and viruses on touch surfaces. They also create a more sustainable world through their anti-soiling capabilities and the efficiency gains that leads to. It's these positive changes that make it a rewarding journey and one that we hope you will join us on.

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A great mission requires a great team. We come with experience, knowledge, passion and a dash of optimism for a better future.

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John Browne
Founder and CEO

An entrepreneur by nature, John is positive, professional, and personable, aiming to build Kastus to be the World leader in the fields of anti-soiling for solar panels, antimicrobial coatings and additives. Avid traveller, average golfer & eager learner.

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Jane Doe

James Kennedy
Chief Technology Officer

James is the CTO of Kastus technologies. He oversees the R&D and Engineering group and is responsible for the planning and delivery of all product development activities within the organisation.

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Gavin Denn
Chief Operating Officer

A New York qualified attorney with extensive IP licensing and technology company management experience. Gavin looks after legal affairs as well as Kastus domestic and international operations.

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Daniel Misturini
Head of Sales

Experienced VP of Global Sales adept at driving international revenue growth with a proven track record. Skilled in navigating diverse cultures and markets, utilising effective sales strategies to enhance relationships, performance, and team morale.

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John Tyler
Chief Financial Officer

John is a Chartered Certified Accountant.  He has 25 years of finance experience, at senior management level across multiple sectors, including manufacturing, supply chain, luxury brand manufacturing and distribution.

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