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Smart photocatalytic surface technology that creates a self-cleaning solar panel.

In 2023, it is estimated that €11.5 Billion in revenue will be lost due to solar panel soiling. By 2027 this will be €22 Billion.


How does Kastus create a self-cleaning solar panel?





When Kastus is embedded into the cover glass it creates a super-hydrophilic surface. A super-hydrophilic surface makes the water spread and run off it, taking the contaminants with it. In research it has been proven that the self-cleaning efficiency of super-hydrophilic coating on dust deposition is 92% higher than the bare glass cases.


UV Light


Kastus is also photocatalytic. When exposed to UV light it creates free radicals on the surface. These free radicals will break down any organic materials before they have a chance to adhere to the surface. Kastus will disintegrate bio-film, fungus, moss, bird droppings, snail trails, tree sap and more, before they have a chance to diminish the panel's efficiency.


What are the unique benefits of Kastus?


Kastus is super-hydrophilic and photocatalytic. Together they result in a self-cleaning solar panel.

Seamless Integration

Kastus fits into the existing production process. It comes in liquid form and is simply sprayed onto the glass before it is tempered.


Kastus is embedded into the glass surface during the tempering stage. It isn't a coating, it is the glass.



Kastus isn't another additional component. It is added to an existing component. Therefore cost of implementation is low.


Being embedded also means it's permanent. Unlike hydrophobic  coatings it lasts for the lifetime of the glass.


Kastus is photocatalytic.
It is a natural process and doesn't leach. It is environmentally friendly today and for the future.



Worldwide Patents


ISO Validations


Global Certifications

Other applications.

Clean rooms.

A clean room can never be too clean. So when the glass used within is embedded with Kastus it creates another reassuring level of safety. Killing up to 99% of bacteria and viruses on the surface. It means less cleaning with chemicals, forever. Kastus makes clean rooms even cleaner.

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To see how your company could benefit from having 
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Kastus is ISO 9001 Certified.

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