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A solution to a better world.


Efficiency isn't the only gain.

Kastus Solar helps improve the operational efficiency of Solar PV modules, whilst also simultaneously reducing the costs and potential environmental pollution of repeated cleaning cycles in Solar PV installations. 


Reaching sustainable goals.

Investors, employees, consumers, and regulators alike demand that companies be more transparent about their social and environmental impacts and act within a sustainable investment framework. Our technology is beneficial to at least 4 of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Future focused.

Kastus isn't just a better solution for today, it's a better solution for tomorrow also. It's permanent and lasts for the lifetime of the glass. It's photocatalytic, so it doesn't leach back into the environment. It's non-toxic and recyclable. Most importantly it leads to a lifetime of renewable efficiency gains for you and the planet we live on.

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