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Kastus partners with The Fraunhofer Institute to solve soiling on solar.

Soiling on solar panels is a billion dollar problem. In fact The International Energy Agency estimate that soiling will result efficiency losses of $3.2 billion in 2023 alone. With the technological advancements in solar cell technology beginning to plateau, solar panel manufacturers and solar farm developers are looking for new ways to gain advantage from an efficiency perspective.

Kastus is a unique anti-soiling solution. Once applied at manufacturing stage it last for the lifetime of the panel. That's because it is sintered or embedded into the cover glass surface. It is both photocatalytic and hydrophilic, so it breaks down organic matter such as bird , moss and fungus. And it also rids the surface of all contaminants with ease.

To validate the technology in various climates and conditions, Kastus has partnered with The Fraunhofer Institute on a comprehensive programme of in-field and controlled testing. This validation is live and the results are ongoing. The expectation is an increase in yields of between 1% - 3 %.

Alongside this independent validation Kastus is also working with solar farm development on their particular projects and needs to further validate the technology and offer a select number of clients a first to market offering. If you would like to find out how it could benefit your projects please get in touch.


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